Felix Stark

Studio Formstark

The Cologne-based studio „Formstark“ was founded in 2004 by Felix Stark. From the beginning, the aim was to help customers produce products that are progressive, but can still be understood intuitively. „Progressive“ does not simply mean a new look – the goal is to make better products. More functional, more sustainable, simpler… Ultimately more satisfying. Long-term cultural and technical changes are more important in this process than short-term trends. Formstark clients include companies such as DHL, Evonik, Porsche and WMF.

In addition to products, Felix Stark also designs interiors, shops, events, exhibitions and film sets. His constant involvement with social and technological developments results in regular consultancy work for companies in the field of design and innovation.

After completing an apprenticeship as a carpenter, Felix Stark studied sustainable industrial design at the ecosign Academy and worked as an industrial designer in Hong Kong. Since founding the studio „Formstark“, Felix Stark has worked as a freelance lecturer at various universities, including the Bauhaus University Weimar, the Bochum University of Applied Sciences and the ecosign Academy for sustainable design. His work has been exhibited multiple times and has been awarded with different design prizes, including the Red Dot and the German Design Award.